…you are not alone!

Everyone has thoughts. Everyone has “whacky” thoughts. Everyone has “disturbing” thoughts. To be human is to have thoughts, but they are simply thoughts and nothing more. Everyone has doubts, fears, and anxieties. To doubt is to be human. To have fear is to be human. To have anxiety is to be human. Thoughts, doubts, fears, and anxieties are essential to our survival; however, they can distort and burden our existence if we allow them to control our behaviors. Unfortunately, some people apply too much meaning to their thoughts which can lead to crippling feedback loops rife with rituals. If you take time to tackle superstitious acts to give your life that “just right” feeling, or if you overclean to protect yourself and your loved ones, or if you hide dangerous objects because you fear your own impulses, or if you get lost in endless questions to find that you can never find any suitable answers, or if you find yourself excessively seeking reassurance from others, or if you find yourself repeatedly checking your memories and tasks, or if you have any type of disruptive reoccurring behaviors (even if it’s all in your mind) that pull you away from living a full life and inhibit your ability to stay in the present moment… then you are in the right place, and you are not alone. There is relief, and there is hope! Together, we can overcome overthinking!