Poetry — Pit of Panic

Here, I sit, simmering in uncertainty,
About to boil from the inside out;
Like a snake ready to strike, coiled,
They wait for my return confident with clout.

I’ve been gone, broken, healing my fears,
Crippled with doubt so confused;
They don’t know what they think,
But I’m clear minded and will not be abused.

Tomorrow is coming, the tumult awaits;
I am in a pit of panic, but make no mistake,
I have my rights and integrity in hand,
I will not cower, I may bend, but won’t break.

All I can do is painfully wait,
Fend off my thoughts and accept my fate;
However, I will not abate, I will not give in,
That which they do will be their sin.

For I am me, and that’s all that I am,
And this panic shall pass, I will stand tall;
They will do what they must, unjust it may be,
But I’ll be steadfast, stumble, won’t fall.

Catastrophe may come, or maybe it won’t,
There’s no way of knowing, and that’s okay;
Come what may, not matter what,
Eventually, we’ll go our own way.

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