Poetry — A Moment For You; A Constant For Me

You’re scared of the darkness I share, but when you’re done the darkness for you has come to an end;

The experience I give is but a moment for you, a glimpse to the constant that I want to escape.

A conversation must be had, you will be uncomfortable but know that when comfort returns to you mine won’t;

This constant I live must be exposed, you need to know that the lot like me often feels alone.

When you can simply say your piece and then dismiss, and try to silent that which you don’t understand;

Our problems still persists, and yet, steadfast, we withstand.

We don’t intend to bring you fear, but rather, we wish to illuminate to lengthen our years;

For what a moment is for you is a constant for me, an often silent constant for so very many.

Please listen, withhold your judgement, and know that even though it is invisible to you it is still very real;

I feel, we feel, and together the silence will be broken no longer unspoken the truth to reveal.

This moment might make you uncomfortable, and that is the point of these words;

Because this moment is a constant, don’t submit to the pit of the ignorant herds.

You don’t have to understand, and it’s okay to be daunted by the darkness but there is a way out;

Join us, please, we simply want help from you to shed light on the “nothing” that no one wants to talk about.

  1. No one can ever really know another’s life and what they go through. By sharing your OCD story and opening the dialogue you are shedding light where many don’t want to go. Thank you for helping us to understand, (each in our own capacity). Stay strong snd keep letting us in and informing us.

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