Poetry — Moxie, Meet Mettle

Moxie, meet mettle’s
Marvelous might,
Maliciously moving moments.

Maybe maneuver
Many more matters,
Making mergers mottled.

Mindfully morose
Morbid meanings,
Murdering my mood midterm.

Motley mashed missions
Making many messes,
Migrant mind misplaced.

Malevolence may mourn
Motion made mockeries,
Motivating muck to morph.

Missing my murmur
Mode of mild muttering,
Modulating melancholy muses.

Morose mental makings
Misplaced and mistaken,
Momentum moves my motives.

Metal mimes muscles
Mining mythic mires,
Muddled musings have meddled.

Muffled my mewl
Maintaining my manor,
My mind marooned to mush.

Maladaptively matching
Metastasized mud,
Matted music made mute.

Maverick McGee,
Marauder in me;
Monopolized mutinous mind.

Mulling, moreover,
Maybe morrows make mirth;
Make misery? Maybe…

…matters not what is made.
Moxie, meet mettle, a magnetic mystery,
Masking the masquerade.

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