Poetry — Judge Not

Judge not, for, I am no sinner and you are no saint;
We all can be villains dependent on how one chooses to paint.
Judge not, for, lies can be truths if you refuse to see;
Believe what you will but don’t force others to bend a knee.
Judge not, for, we all have darkness we wish not to show;
Be brave as you bring it to light to let the world know of the fears you let go.

Judge not, for, we are all broken and full of stories and scars;
The more we break, the more light comes in and the closer we get to the stars.
Judge not, for, there are many things that frighten us through and through;
It doesn’t mean it’s a danger so vitriolic venom you should then spew.
Judge not, for, you too will be judged for that which should not;
Reconcile yourself, take a look in the mirror and may judgement be forgot.

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