Poetry — Don’t Call Me Crazy

So I have darkness and storms
Forlorn, moods not of your norms;
Brooding on thoughts and pain
Rain won’t seem to stop nor wane;
On top of everything you add still
Ignorant words subverting my will…
Don’t call me crazy.

No, I am not lazy, I hurt
My mind flirts with sadness inert;
This madness is not badness at all
I just want a little help up when I fall;
I don’t do this because I want to
If I could I wouldn’t, I don’t like being blue…
Don’t call me crazy.

My memory is hazy because of the lies
I despise the doubt and friendly guise;
Without my grit I would give up
Pushed to quit, and sip death’s cup;
Interrupt my confidence once again
Phasing the maze in my mind when…
You call me crazy!

Please, don’t call me crazy.

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