WCS — I Am Nothing


Disclaimer: Herein lies extreme themes that can be triggering and/or upsetting to some, please proceed with caution; you have been warned.

Function: Worst Case Scenarios (WCS) are designed to directly target an obsession and attack it by catastrophizing the fear to the extreme by entering the pit of despair. This works by isolating the obsession and making it devolve dramatically without imbedding reassurances.

Source: The “fear of acting out” is very real and these imaginal exposures can be extremely effective; to learn more from a great source explaining why, click here!

Exposure: Read this to yourself and imagine it is you, immerse yourself in the catastrophe. Do not reassure yourself! Do not seek relief! Allow your fear and anxiety to fill to the brim… do not respond; however, do your best to observe objectively. Feel the feels and ride the wave. This is you! This… is your worst case scenario!

It’s only a matter of time before everyone leaves me because I am worthless. I am a liar. I am a fraud. I am no good. I am a bad person. First to go will be my career, and I will be so distraught and embarrassed that I will become a burden. My friends won’t want to be around me, my family will eventually get tired of my woes, and I know I simply won’t have the capacity to recover. I am the biggest liar and fraud and I will never be able to shake it. Once everyone has left I will undoubtably become an alcoholic and slowly get blacklisted by dive bar after dive bar until I’m scraping together cash to buy single serve liquor from the liquor store. My lies will have been so plenty that I will no longer know the truth, and I will continually drink myself into a perpetual stupor. I should have given up driving a long time ago, but I didn’t… my drunkenness and self lying puts me behind the wheel and I kill a mother and child. I am arrested for my gross negligence and I am imprisoned. I am alone, spit on, raped, and a degenerated. The detox in prison is so brutal that I drink whatever sludge I can even if it means sucking cock or taking it up the ass to avoid the pain of detox… just to get a drop, a taste, something to numb my delusions. I am the biggest fraud of all time and it only gets worse and more despicable. I am too unstable and wobbly to successfully try to kill myself and I can never make this hell end. I am a laughing stock in the most deplorable of places. So eventually I find my way to opioids… I need a drink of something, anything… my thirst becomes death in a cold cell with my head shoved into a toilet. Flush. I am waste. My life was shit. I died a disgrace and no one will care or remember me. I am nothing.

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