Poetry — The Day Is Gone

Move this, move that, move this again;
Adjust, mistrust, busted thinking then…
Check and check and check some more,
How does it feel? Not “just right” when…

I can’t seem to get it the way it needs,
Everything will fall to ruin indeed…
Try again? Maybe this way, or that?
Hours and hours pass while time bleeds.

I must do this first before I do that;
It makes no sense, but it does in fact…
React to the chaos of others around,
Tweak and touch again interact.

This will protect me and protect you,
Just one more time that’s all I need do…
The ritual continues more and more;
Can’t stop, it grows into something new…

It’s not “just right” I can’t tell if it’s a lie;
I ask myself why and why and why…
No answer in return, so try, try again;
The feeling is off, can’t fix so I cry…

But there’s another task to set upon.
Something is moving me like a pawn!
I must keep you safe so I do it again…
Before I know it’s night, the day is gone…

It’s not “just right”… this fight I fight…

It’s not “just right”

What is wrong?

Day after day… the day is gone.

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