My name is Paul Taylor and I have severe OCD. Like many who have unknowingly struggled with OCD, my life eroded because of this insidious disorder. Personally, I almost lost everything it seemed… I was convinced that I was literally going crazy… relentlessly, I was crippled by doubt. I was lost and confused, and didn’t know what was wrong with me… harm was all around me… I had struggled on my own for over 20 years, and it only ever got worse until I found the proper diagnosis and the proper help. Sadly, I did lose a lot… I lost loved ones and friends, and worst of all I lost soooo much time, but I got help and I didn’t lose myself! OCD is silent, invisible, visceral, haunting, isolating, and distressing. Believe me, no one with real OCD would utter the following: “I’m a little OCD” or “I’m so OCD”… two very common and dismissive phrases that fuel a false stigma and a false understanding of this disorder… OCD is truly terrifying and crippling to those who suffer with it. Thankfully, no person should suffer alone, and this space has been created to allow for constructive conversations and community support. Together we can expose OCD and help everyone live a value-driven life. Lastly, below are three life changing organizations that have profoundly impacted my life:

Intrusive Thoughts (a soft landing for those afraid of their unwanted thoughts):


Rogers Behavioral Health (110 years of leading the way in behavioral health):


International OCD Foundation (you are not alone):


Thank you for finding your way here, and I wish you strength in your journey. Please contact me directly at hellnocd@gmail.com and I encourage you (with regards to advocacy) to send me your worst-case-scenarios, exposures, experiences, inquiries, etc.!